Gavarnie and his three natural « Cirques »

Les 3 cirquesAs soon as you arrive in the village, the cirque already dominates, the visual emotion is inevitable, grandiose and stunning. This colossal amphitheatre of limestone bleachers develops over 3,5 km at the base and 14 km at the top. All the peaks that dominate the cirque exceed 3000 meters.

The cirque can be approached in easy walking, for the whole family, in about 1 à two hours, or on the back of a donkey or pony for children. The marked path runs along the Gavarnie mountainriver and leads to the ancient Hotel du Cirque, dating back to the 12th century and transformed into a bar/restaurant.You can continue 40 more minutes and you’ll reach the highest waterfall in Europe at the foot of the Gavarnie cirque.

In winter, cross-country ski loops and snowshoes from the village of Gavarnie.

The Cirque de Troumouse:

50 minutes drive from the campsite.

This natural amphitheatre is lower than its cousin Gavarnie, less visited and they say more wild, because there are less visitors then in Gavarnie. .Its walls rise from a single jet to a height of 450 meters, but it is wider and perfectly circular, about 10 kilometers.

From the parking lot of Troumouse, at 2100 meters you have a splendid view on this circular massif. Walk from 45 min to 2 h 30 min are on offer, accessible to all, as well as many picnic and relaxation spaces by the creek.

The Cirque d’Estaubé:

40 minutes drive from the campsite.

From the parking lot one accesses it by the dam of the lake of the gloriettes. An easy return trip of about 2 h 40, ideal to walk with the family, will take you to the discovery of this enchanting site with a splendid view on Mont Perdu. You can watch the Marmotte by hiding and being patient.