Bike: The Majestic Leader of the Valley of Barèges!

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Cycling in the Pyrenees: An Unforgettable Adventure!

The Pyrenees offer some truly magnificent landscapes for cycling enthusiasts. You’ll be happy to know that the Barèges valley is a true paradise for both mountain and road cyclists alike. With its awesome mountain bike circuits of all levels, its mythical Tour de France passes, and its picturesque mountain roads, the Barèges valley is the ideal place for all cycling enthusiasts.

Discover the Magic of Tour de France Mountain Passes by Bike

Hey there, fellow cyclists! Have you ever dreamt of tackling the Col du Tourmalet or the Col d’Aspin? Well, now you can! There are also other scenic routes, such as Gavarnie, the climb to Luz Ardiden, the Col du Soulor, or Hautacam. The roads offer breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys, adding a touch of magic to each stage. If you’re looking for more outing ideas, check out the interactive guide of Vallées de Gavarnie at

For a safe and peaceful climb, join the Pyrénées Cycl’n Trip event at This event takes place every summer for five days, during which the road becomes 100% cyclable on several Pyrenean passes! It’s absolutely free, open to everyone, and there’s no need to register or adhere to a fixed departure time. This allows you to serenely tackle these mythical roads and compete with the greatest riders. So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike and discover the magic of Tour de France mountain passes!

MTB and Bike Park in Barèges

Hey there MTB enthusiasts! If you’re looking for some adventure, you won’t want to miss the MTB circuits in the forest, downhill runs through the meadows, or crossing the villages in the valley. Whether you’re into forest descents, All Mountain circuits, mountain Enduro, or family initiation outings, the Altamonta MTB area has got you covered. It’s even labeled as a FFC MTB site! With 73 routes spread over 6 sectors, including Pays de Lourdes, Val d’Azun, Vallée d’Argeles-Gazost, Pays Toy Gavarnie, Pays Toy Luz-Barèges, and Cauterets, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

The Barèges Bike Park

But wait, there’s more! The Barèges Bike Park is worth discovering too, with its freeride, downhill, and family tracks for all levels. You’ll even get to enjoy the panoramic view of the Lienz plateau, the Néouvielle, and the Observatory of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. The Barèges Bike Park offers 6 downhill MTB tracks (DH) and 3 Enduro MTB trails, for 600m altitude difference, accessible from the Tournaboup chairlift. Plus, a shuttle equipped with bike carriers connects the village of Barèges to the start of the chairlift.



Descend the Pic du Midi by mountain bike

For those of you who are really into it, trained, or with a guide, you can take advantage of the first ascent or the last ascent to the cable car to launch yourself from the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. It’s only available during the first ascent in the morning and last ascent in the evening, from July 1st to September 30th. You’ll get to enjoy the descent from the Observatory of the Pic du Midi, with a departure at 2800 meters and routes up to 11km.

And remember, when it comes to MTB prevention in the mountains, “Not all roads are DH tracks.” Keep that in mind and happy riding!

ervices for your bike in Barèges

Great news! You don’t have to worry about bringing your own bike because you can rent a mountain bike in Barèges or directly from the ski lift in summer. Additionally, if you’re looking for more options, village rental companies offer road bikes and electric mountain bikes to rent.

For your convenience, there’s a self-service bike multi-services station available near the cinema in Barèges. It’s equipped with a washing station, freely accessible tool kit, a charging station for electrically assisted bikes, and a compressor for inflating tires.

In short, Barèges valley is the perfect destination for all cycling enthusiasts! Whether you prefer road or mountain biking, there are plenty of activities to satisfy your passion. So why wait any longer? Start your exploration of our beautiful Pyrenean landscapes by bike, beginning at Camping La Ribère!